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Ci Software’s methodology is proven and efficient. Our recruitment process is one of the reasons for our continued success over the years. Many clients are not aware of the meticulous steps that we take to ensure we always put our best foot forward with every candidate submittal. This thorough IT recruitment process is what separates Ci Software from other IT staffing companies:


Meeting with client:

We understand that every client has a unique requirement and even company culture. Your Ci Software point of contact will not only get to know you, but your group and company culture as well because we’re not just matching skill-sets, we’re matching people. Finding the right technical fit for an IT staffing position is important. However, finding the right IT professional, who also fits into your company’s culture and environment, is the most important ingredient to any successful IT job placement.

Because of this, Ci Software salespeople attempt to proactively meet with our clients. Putting a face with the name is important to us. One of the many ways we differentiate ourselves from other IT recruitment agencies is by going above and beyond and offering that personal touch. In addition, a meeting allows us to see your environment first hand so we can better explain the exact working conditions to our prospective IT job candidates.

One Point of Contact

At Ci Software, we respect how valuable your time is and understand how limited your time can be during the hectic workday. Therefore we only provide one point of contact to help expedite the IT job placement process as efficiently as possible to avoid any confusion or redundant conversations. Although each client manager will likely only hear from one Ci Software representative, behind the scenes, that salesperson will be working tirelessly to ensure our IT recruiters are accurately searching for the best possible passive or active IT job seekers.

Fewer Resumes – More Accuracy

Finding quality IT candidates can be a daunting, time consuming task. Therefore, Ci Software will not inundate you with candidates. We believe that sorting through resumes is our job thus allowing you more time to do yours. Because of our thorough IT recruiting process, Ci Software provides you with fewer, more accurate candidates than the other staffing agencies in our industry. This not only cuts down on your time sifting through resumes, it cuts down on time spent interviewing candidates who may not be a fit and subsequently should not have been submitted.

Gather IT Job Requirements

Upon receiving a requirement, your Ci Software staffing representative will take the time to thoroughly review your IT job opening with you. In addition to our standard requirement questions and technical expertise needed for the position, we ask specifics that we know our IT job seekers will ask us: What are the hours? Is there opportunity for overtime? What is the dress code? Hours for lunch? Will they be working as part of a team or individually on a specific project or deadline? Our thorough approach makes us more accurate with our IT recruiting effort and helps us disqualify candidates who might otherwise not be a fit.

Most importantly, throughout the job requirement gathering process, we listen to you. Tell us what technologies or background you’d like a person to have experience with, then tell us what they must have. We’ll do our best to find both.

Identify Interview Availability

After meticulously gathering all of the information on your IT job order, our salesperson will then work with you to identify target interview days and times based upon the availability of your schedule. Finding an interview time that works for both the client and job seeker can be difficult given busy work schedules. If this is done re-actively, it can often cause delays. With delays increases the chances that the candidate might pursue another IT job opportunity or your company could decide to move in a different direction with the position. By proactively identifying interview availability, it allows us to expedite the hiring process to avoid any setbacks.

IT Recruitment Process

Upon receiving a requirement, your Ci Software representative will initiate a meeting with our recruiting team and spearhead the search effort. We will tap into our robust database of information technology professionals, access all the resume boards and post the position on the many IT job sites that we pay for annually. All the time we’re constantly digging for referrals and networking to find that perfect match for your IT job opening.

2 Reference Checks

Once our technical recruiters successfully identify a qualified candidate, two references are thoroughly checked to ensure we’re providing our clients with proven IT professionals that have demonstrated they are not only technically sound, they are reliable and trustworthy. The references must come from a former manager who oversaw their work and can speak in depth about their ability. No personal references are permitted. No peers. Only direct supervisors or managers.

We are diligent with each check to further ensure we’re always submitting the best possible candidates on the IT job market.

IInternal Candidate Interview

Ci Software’s culture is built upon developing strong and long-lasting personal relationships. Before a resume is sent to a client, our IT recruiters go out of our way to meet most every candidate. If the IT job seeker cannot come into our office to sit down with us in person, we will go to them. Only after the candidate passes our thorough screening process is his or her information finally sent to our client.

Candidate Submittal

We will never submit a candidate just to submit. We do not throw resumes up on the wall to see what sticks. Instead we follow our thorough IT recruitment process to ensure we always find the best candidate available. With every submittal, you will receive a clean copy of the candidate’s resume. In addition, we will provide a general overview highlighting their skills, where he or she currently lives, why they are looking to leave or have left their most recent position, then their ability to interview and even start. This meticulous approach helps further define each candidate to ensure the hiring manager not only has an in-depth understanding of the IT job seeker, but his or her current situation as well.

Coordinate Phone or Personal Interview

Upon receiving a qualified resume of an IT contract or permanent candidate, an Ci Software salesperson will work with you to set up a personal interview based upon your schedule. If your predetermined days/times are still available, we’ll coordinate the interview immediately. Either way, we work with your schedule to set up the interview as quickly as possible, then take care of all of the coordination from providing the address, directions, who the candidate should ask for upon arrival and everyone he or she will be meeting with.

To further differentiate us from other staffing agencies in our industry, an Ci Software salesperson or IT recruiter will often meet the candidate in the main lobby of your facility to make sure he or she finds the location. We accompany the IT job seeker to the reception area, then provide a brief introduction to the hiring manager before leaving you to sit down with our candidate.

Are you pressed for time, but want to get the interview process started? Do you have any questions, doubts or reservations that he or she is a fit based on what you see on paper? Is the candidate out of state? These are typically when we start the interview process with a phone screen.

Client Feedback

We ask each of our candidates to call us immediately after he or she leaves your facility preceding an interview. This feedback is important to help us gauge the candidate’s interest in your opportunity, so we can provide their perspective to the hiring manager. Once we speak with our candidate, we will initiate contact with our client to further help expedite the hiring process.

Start Date

When gathering the IT job requirements directly from the hiring manager, we make sure we know the preferred start date that works best for the client. Additionally, before each submittal, we provide our candidate’s prospective start date that works around giving a notice or tying up loose ends. Therefore, by the time the hiring manager has informed us of his or her decision to proceed with hiring our candidate, the predetermined start date is typically confirmed immediately.

Drug Testing and/or Background Check

Upon a client’s request, Ci Software Technical Resources has the ability to conduct a drug test and/or full background checks on every contract or permanent employee before he or she starts work at the client‘s location.